2017 WMFHA Update: WA State Legistlation

Washington Multi-Family Housing Association has issued this year’s first update on legislation for 2017 that impacts our careers and neighborhoods!

In order of priority, the first of four is in regards to complying with the 2012 McCleary decision and funding basic education.

Washington Policy Center recommends the legislature redefine its program of education to create a Student Education Scholarship amount for each student, with more money provided to students with special learning needs. Creating a Student Education Scholarship would lead to a public conversation about how to spend school resources better.

The next two issues that affect our region is in regards finding resources to assist with mental health and homelessness. Legislators will be looking to extend surcharges on court filing fees and increases in the document recording fees.

Lastly, but certainly not of least importance, the state is looking at proposals that will create policies towards the development of affordable housing and decreasing developments bureaucratic hurdles.

You can view a .pdf at the bottom of this post for of an overview of Bills and WMFHA’s position for each they oppose, and the following which they support:

  • HB 1082 (SB 5286) – Commercial Rent Control
  • HB 1085 – Single-Family Residential Dwellings Support
  • HB 1305 (SB 5388) – Unlawful Entry
  • SB 5013 – Tenant Property, Disposition
  • HB 5015 – At-Will Tenancy/Unlawful Detainer
  • SB 5077 – Housing Assistance/WCCW
  • SB 5182 – Affordable Housing Options

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