Tried and True Techniques – Tip #3

  QUALIFY. Position yourself for success! Know your rental criteria.  Period.  Then ask questions to determine if the future resident is a candidate for your community.  Frame your questions in a pleasant manner – stay away from sounding like a Drill Sargent. Position yourself to gather information.  How might you ask?  Well, simply build rapport […]

Remember. Honor. Be Grateful.


Top 20 Momisms

To  all Mom’s who loved their child without condition,  given time you didn’t have, sacrificed plenty, slept too little, laughed, played, encouraged, corrected, watched countless games, worried endlessly, begged for hugs and kisses and still wouldn’t change one minute of it! My Mom had unique teaching methods.  She encouraged me to ponder and question the […]

What Does “ETHICS” Mean to You?

The meaning can be hard to pin down and the Institute of Real Estate Management specifies professional codes of ethics in great detail.  The view many people have about ethics are sometimes shaky and arguable.  What it means to PSA:  Ethics are Standards of Conduct.  How one behaves based on moral duties and virtues. Ethics […]