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Legislative Update EVERYONE in Property Management, Leasing and Maintenance Should Know

Friday, February 27 marked the fiscal committee deadline. All bills with a fiscal impact and not deemed ‘necessary to implement the budget’ (NTIB) must have been reported out of fiscal committees or considered ‘dead’ for the remainder of the 2015 legislative session. Below is an update on bills WMFHA is following and their status at […]

5 Important Lease Violations to Look Out For

Some lease violations aren’t ALWAYS so serious, whereas some should be taken more seriously–especially when involving bodily or harm to a managements property assets. While some can be chalked up as simple mistakes, we need to make sure we recognize others that are straight up lies! Here are five major lease violations that deserve your […]

Responding to Maintenance Emergencies

It’s not expected that all maintenance issues be handled immediately 24/7, but there are some legitimate emergencies that tenants do and should expect to be responded to as quickly as possible. Most are minor and can wait until the light of day. However, if you’re unsure as to which issues should be handled as quickly […]

What Net Neutraility Means for Property Owners

Laws barring cities and towns from building broadband networks on their own is being proposed to be nullified by the FCC which is great new for multi-family/apartment property owners in regards to the debate of net neutrality. Such laws in effect restrict broadband service competition, thus offering apartment owners and their tenants fewer choices–or often […]

Are IREM Certifications for You?

  If you’re looking to excel in a career of property management and/or residential management, then it would be a good idea to become familiar with The Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) if you haven’t already.  IREM is an affiliate of the National Association of Realtors (NAR) but focused on serving those professionals within […]

Tried and True Techniques – Tip #1

THE MEET & GREET. You can’t redo a first impression!  Whether it’s over email, phone, or in person what you first put out to the prospective resident stays with them when/if they tour your property.  Why not make your first impression a fantastic first impression! Smile before you send that email or pick up the phone! […]

Tried and True Techniques – Tip #2

  INVESTIGATE.  To make inquiry or examination, to ask questions! If you don’t ask how will you know what your prospective residents want in their new apartment home!  It’s a tipsy balance between asking questions to get answers that will help a resident make a decision and asking questions that sound aggressive and invasive.  Your […]

10 Facts About Independence Day

1.  In 1775, people in New England began fighting the British for their independence. 2.  On July 2, 1976, Congress secretly voted for independence from Great Britain. 3.  The Declaration of Independence was first published two days later on July 4, 1776. 4.  The first public reading of the Declaration of Independence was on July […]

How many times did you say “Thank You” to our fallen soldiers?

I am proud that PSA Principal, Lynn Marzano-Moore and her brother Ed, who is a disabled veteran, visited 500 military markers at the Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Snohomish County.  They placed a flag at each memorial and each time they honored the fallen soldier… and each time they voiced their gratitude for our freedom.