2017 WMFHA Update: WA State Legistlation

Washington Multi-Family Housing Association has issued this year’s first update on legislation for 2017 that impacts our careers and neighborhoods! In order of priority, the first of four is in regards to complying with the 2012 McCleary decision and funding basic education. Washington Policy Center recommends the legislature redefine its program of education to create […]

Fair Housing Part 10: Property Management Policies

All REALTORS need to know how the Fair Housing Act impacts tenants. Annie Fitzsimmons – the Washington REALTOR Legal Hotline Attorney discusses the importance of having a written policy when you are the Property Manager or Property Management Company of multiple family housing.

Fair Housing Part 9: Accommodations and Modifications

Clients with a disability have certain rights and responsibilities under the Fair Housing Act when dealing with Condo Associations and Property Managers.

Fair Housing Part 8: Clients With Disabilities

In Part 8 of the Fair Housing Act Series, Legal Hotline Lawyer Annie Fitzsimmons discusses your responsibilities to accommodate clients with disabilities under the Fair Housing Laws.

Fair Housing Part 7: Buyer Representation

What do you say when the buyer asks you to identify the best neighborhood to live in? You might answer differently after watching this short video on buyer representation in relation to the Fair Housing Act.