New Law Effective July 10th – Rent Increases & What You Need to Know!

As of July 10th, an ordinance passed by The Seattle City Council will allow tenants to challenge rent increases if the property’s conditions negatively impact a residents health and/or safety.  This new law also requires landlords to include information on how to get more information regarding landlord/tenant rights and obligations. The ordinance works as such: […]

Fair Housing Act: Part 2 – Advertising

Washington REALTOR® Legal Hotline Lawyer Annie Fitzsimmons covers elements of the Fair Housing laws that pertain to advertising. This is part two of a series on Fair Housing and the video is formatted for an office meeting, group discussion or personal quiz.  

Fair Housing Act: Part One – Protected Classes

Washington REALTOR Legal Hotline Lawyer Annie Fitzsimmons discusses compliance with the Federal and State Fair Housing Laws. This video is the first in a series to share with the entire office. Did you know your receptionist is subject to Fair Housing violations? Learn more about this and the protected classes in this short video.

Avoid Discrimination Screening Criminal History of Prospective Tenants

HUD has recently released a ‘Guidance‘ that has eliminated blanket exclusions on an individual with a criminal record from their lease application. Landlords will now need to show facts specific to the prospective tenant and the crime committed as a basis for denial should a prospective tenant be denied as a result of a criminal […]

Help That Helps You Help Temps be Helpful

For those of you leaders who hold full-time positions as property managers or leasing associates, Property Staffing Associates strives to provide hard working and knowledgeable temporary associates when you’re in need of the extra help.  While we do our best to educate and staff the best help we can, there’s some things you can also […]

Continuing Education Webinar on Fair Housing Myths April 20th

Anne Sadovsky, a member of the National Speakers Association who’s been active in many apartment associations since 1968, is holding a webinar April 20th for on-site team members, regional managers, small owners, management company executives and training directors regarding fair housing myths and truths. Some of the issues to be explained include: Recently a class […]

Legislation that May Impact Your Multi-Family Property in 2016

WMFHA has provided an additional list of legislation to be aware of for 2016.  Listed by WMFHA as “medium-priority,” the following bills are currently being monitored.  Currently, none of the legislative bills below have become official but we recommend becoming familiar with what upcoming changes may be impacting our industry as the year progresses. HB […]

IMPORTANT LEGISLATIVE UPDATE: Tenant Screening & Income Source

Three new legislations have been presented by WMFHA that are of high-priority.  In short, the first allows tenants to use a portable screening report opposed to landlords charging tenants for other preferred screening services.  In addition, a compromise had been made to approve this bill by extending the required time it takes to return security […]

We’re growing!

Investors are predicted to hold single-family homes and multi-family dwellings more than flipping properties as real estate values stabilize and affordability flat lines.  Based on numbers from Daren Blomquist, vice president at RealtyTrac, Blomquist made a statement saying, “We will see it flatten out because home prices are starting to flatten out as well. That […]

Part-time/Temporary Employment Increasing Trend Among Workforce

A recent Harvard Business Review: The Dawning of the Flex Labor made some interesting points about the evolution of business. We found this especially relevant as a staffing company. In short, the fundamental argument is that being more proactive in seeking part-time/temporary employment will provide more security and opportunity than seeking traditional full-time employment. Support […]