Guerilla Internet Marketing Tips

A successful career in property management or leasing is partially gauged by your occupancy rate. Marketing vacant apartment homes is a key component in keeping apartment units filled with amazing residents.  In this article, we’ll give you tips and tools to help you be prepared to quickly and effectively promote upcoming vacancies.  By marketing your […]

Your Career in Property Management vs. Property Leasing

A career in property management or leasing can be very rewarding, but each requires a variety of different skills.  Choosing which direction you want to pursue might best be determined by having an understanding of what your day-to-day duties look like.   Property Management A property manager is responsible for the overall operations of a property […]

Lease-Up Pro Tips!

Whether a noob or seasoned pro, a lease-up opportunity can be just as exciting as it is stressful. What is a lease up? A lease up is when a new construction property is in it’s first round of leasing units. Although it’s an obviously exciting opportunity financially, there’s a nuance to marking a new property […]

We’re growing!

Investors are predicted to hold single-family homes and multi-family dwellings more than flipping properties as real estate values stabilize and affordability flat lines.  Based on numbers from Daren Blomquist, vice president at RealtyTrac, Blomquist made a statement saying, “We will see it flatten out because home prices are starting to flatten out as well. That […]

Square Feet vs. Amenities…

Today, more renters aren’t as concerned about square footage as they are amenities. offers some interesting findings from a panel of experts who get a look at various perspectives from modern day renters. READ MORE

Tried and True Techniques – Tip #3

  QUALIFY. Position yourself for success! Know your rental criteria.  Period.  Then ask questions to determine if the future resident is a candidate for your community.  Frame your questions in a pleasant manner – stay away from sounding like a Drill Sargent. Position yourself to gather information.  How might you ask?  Well, simply build rapport […]

Tried and True Techniques – Tip #1

THE MEET & GREET. You can’t redo a first impression!  Whether it’s over email, phone, or in person what you first put out to the prospective resident stays with them when/if they tour your property.  Why not make your first impression a fantastic first impression! Smile before you send that email or pick up the phone! […]

Tried and True Techniques – Tip #2

  INVESTIGATE.  To make inquiry or examination, to ask questions! If you don’t ask how will you know what your prospective residents want in their new apartment home!  It’s a tipsy balance between asking questions to get answers that will help a resident make a decision and asking questions that sound aggressive and invasive.  Your […]