Help That Helps You Help Temps be Helpful

imageFor those of you leaders who hold full-time positions as property managers or leasing associates, Property Staffing Associates strives to provide hard working and knowledgeable temporary associates when you’re in need of the extra help.  While we do our best to educate and staff the best help we can, there’s some things you can also do in order to maximize their productivity as well. has featured a great post by Rommel Anacan titled Three Ways to Maximize the Value and Productivity of Temps we think helps us help you!

In short, Rommel suggests connecting with your temp by welcoming them to the team.  Secondly, Rommel suggests creating a temp book and provides some bullet points as to what your should include.  Lastly, he advises us on how to handle temp mistakes.

It’s a quick and easy read but can likely make a world of difference in getting the most from your temp’s time.

Give it a glance here….

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