New Law Effective July 10th – Rent Increases & What You Need to Know!

CityOfSeattleLOGOAs of July 10th, an ordinance passed by The Seattle City Council will allow tenants to challenge rent increases if the property’s conditions negatively impact a residents health and/or safety.  This new law also requires landlords to include information on how to get more information regarding landlord/tenant rights and obligations.

The ordinance works as such:

  • Once a landlord delivers a notice of rent increase, the tenant may contact the landlord in writing or by email identifying any defective health or safety conditions.   The tenant must give the notification prior to the effective date of the rent increase.
  • After the tenant has notified the landlord, either party may request an inspection from the city.  Should neither the tenant or landlord not request an inspection prior to the rent increase, the increase remains effective and requests for an inspection after the rent increase will not delay or suspend the new rental rate.
  • If an inspection is made by the City, and no defective or unsafe conditions can be identified, then the rent increase goes into effect on the date identified in the rent increase.  If a defective or unsafe condition is identified during a City inspection, based upon the RRIO checklist, the rent increase is suspended until the landlord remedies the condition and the City re-inspects.

RRIO Checklist
Ordinance (.pdf)


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