Property Staffing Assoc. Christmas Party!

We wanted to thank everyone who attended Seattle Property Staffing Associates annual Christmas party at Maplewood Greens Golf.   We hope everyone enjoyed themselves as much as we did.

The white elephant gift exchange was interesting.   The gift that traveled the most was the skill saw.   The one that got the most laughs was the farting bear.  It even seemed to be more desirable than the aluminum Christmas tree. The Christmas carol game was really cool, especially when the entire room was singing different song verses.  Kids had a great time making use of the Kraft Korner which had hundreds of items to ignite their imaginations and the food was excellent.

Best part, Santa handed out gifts for all the children and each sat on his lap – not a tear was shed.  If you’d like, all these photos will also be in a gallery on our Facebook page if you’d like to tag yourself  in any of them.


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