Responding to Maintenance Emergencies

maintenIt’s not expected that all maintenance issues be handled immediately 24/7, but there are some legitimate emergencies that tenants do and should expect to be responded to as quickly as possible. Most are minor and can wait until the light of day. However, if you’re unsure as to which issues should be handled as quickly as possible, here’s some general ideas.

  • Both storm related damages or toilet/sinks overflowing from an upstairs unit due to major leaks.
  • Especially in colder weather, lack of heat should be addressed immediately. Not only for the tenants comfort, but for further damage of plumbing.
  • Any structural problems including ceilings, stairways, balconies or carports.
  • Gas smells would have hopefully been brought to the local gas companies attention by the tenant, but should also be addressed by property management promptly.
  • Although many property managers aren’t as concerned as they should be, lack of running water should also be responded to ASAP.

Naturally property managers and maintenance staff cannot be at a tenants becking call every minute of the day, however it’s always good to set expectations that someone is at the very least, just a phone call away.

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