Summer Maintenance Tasks Part I – Exterior

It’s summer time in Seattle, and it’s time renters begin enjoying the weather at the lake, the river, camping and at home. As a maintenance technician, many things can become overlooked as you’re preparing vacant units and serving residents needs with everyday repairs. At the same time, your leasing agent and property manager is relying on you to keep the grounds looking good. Here are some summer maintenance tasks you can add to your to-do list that will impress the team you work with and keep your tenants happy.

Summer Exterior Maintenance

Outdoor common areas will increase in usage over the summer and will require ongoing cleaning. Therefore you may want to start here by checking all the common spaces early and making necessary repairs. Afterwards, clean the areas of dust and dirt followed up by installing additional garbage cans that make it easy for tenants to help keep the area clean.

During the summer residents tend to stay outdoors longer and an easy yet noticeable task you can do is ensure renters get home safely by doing a quick check and replacement of outdoor lighting as needed. Check all outdoor, hallway and stairwell lighting.

Keeping the grass trimmed and looking nice is an obvious necessity for anyone keeping the grounds, but a good tip on how to keep things from getting out of control is to set a reminder to mow the lawn every two weeks which is a good gap of time that will keep lawns looking well trimmed.

Shrubs, trees and flowers get thirsty during the summer and the grounds around them can become unattractive and dry. Add a couple inches of mulch in these areas so that the soil better retains water. This will not only make plants look better, but help with water conservation and reduce utility costs.

Summer time is also a good time to prepare for the wet season safely when more difficult areas to reach are dry. Take advantage of sometimes difficult to navigate areas without the risk of slipping by cleaning gutters and window wells removing leaves, debris and waste. Much of the debris from trees fall as they dry, so it’s a good idea to save this tasks as one of your final exterior maintenance to-do’s just before the rainy season.

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