Summer Maintenance Tasks Part II – Interior

Summer Interior Maintenance

If your property has air conditioning in common areas and/or in individual homes, the summer heat is going to have a big demand on AC units. Get a jump start on having your air conditioning serviced by a reputable HVAC company and make repairs or install replacements early.

Make a list of all the fire extinguishers and check thier expiration dates. Additionally, make rounds within the community to test smoke alarms to help keep residents safe.

With the wet weather having passed, less mud and debris is being tracked into hallways and carpeted common areas. This a good time to have interior carpets cleaned which will brighten up your communities appearance. Removing all the dust, pollen, mold and other allergens will also help many residents breathe easier too.

Another seasonal task you’ll find helpful is to seal cracks in windows and doors. Summer time welcomes pests that like to get inside through rips and holds in windows, screens and doors. Use caulk or expandable foam to minimize your pest problems later on.

In addition to everyday maintenance, these tips should equip you with plenty of tasks to keep you busy throughout the summer as well as impress residents with how prepared you’ve helped them be to enjoy the nice weather!

Let us know if you have any other ideas on summer tasks that might help others keep thier community looking nice and their residents well prepared.

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