Top 20 Momisms

To  all Mom’s who loved their child without condition,  given time you didn’t have, sacrificed plenty, slept too little, laughed, played, encouraged, corrected, watched countless games, worried endlessly, begged for hugs and kisses and still wouldn’t change one minute of it!

My Mom had unique teaching methods.  She encouraged me to ponder and question the obvious.  She spoke with authority and wisdom and made me believe I could do anything I set my mind to do.  Thanks Mom!

Ponder This… Notes From Mom

  1. The best job you can have is not a job at all
  2. Make hay when the sun shines – meaning life’s too short so make the best of it
  3. Deja’ vu theory:  there’s a parallel universe and your alternate in the other universe gets there a split second before you do
  4. Energy theory:  each of us has a predetermined amount of energy when we’re born.  Young children have the same amount as adults but when all that energy is packaged into a small size it creates rambunctious kids.
  5. Give your employer your best every day
  6. It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt
  7. Think before you speak
  8. Math lesson:  2 times 2 pick up your shoe, 4 times 4 gets you 16 and no more, 6 times 6 kicked 36 sticks, throw 8 times 8 on the floor and when you picked it up it’s 64, and when 9 times 9 looked at the sun it turned 81.
  9. A smile goes a long long way
  10. If someone jumps off a cliff would you do it too
  11. Happiness is from within so don’t look for others to give it to you
  12. Live and learn each day
  13. Think  possibilities, seek opportunities, take chances
  14. You will catch more flies with honey than vinegar
  15. Read to be smart
  16. Rick, Tony, Bill, Fido or whatever your name is
  17. Be the best you can be
  18. I don’t know is an insufficient answer
  19. Do what you love the money will follow
  20. If someone betrays you send them to Arizona – she didn’t like living in Arizona so that is the worst thing she could wish on someone.

Mom’s are smart!



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