Tried and True Techniques – Tip #1



You can’t redo a first impression!  Whether it’s over email, phone, or in person what you first put out to the prospective resident stays with them when/if they tour your property.  Why not make your first impression a fantastic first impression!

  1. Smile before you send that email or pick up the phone!  Your attitude comes through – try it… frown, then answer the phone… now smile and answer the phone… can you feel the difference?
  2. When a prospect or resident comes in the office – stand up!  Shows respect and causes them to recognize they have your attention.
  3. Extend a handshake – prospects feel welcomed and they will appreciate being put at ease when you invite them to have a seat.  Practice your handshake – it should be firm, not crushing, and avoid the limp or fingers only style.
  4. Take time to build rapport!  It’s much easier to say “yes” to leasing an apartment when there’s a connection.
  5. Keep your desk and office clean and organized – you never know when someone is going to stop by.  The office is an example of the care residents can expect from you.

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