Tried and True Techniques – Tip #2


INVESTIGATE.  To make inquiry or examination, to ask questions!

If you don’t ask how will you know what your prospective residents want in their new apartment home!  It’s a tipsy balance between asking questions to get answers that will help a resident make a decision and asking questions that sound aggressive and invasive.  Your assignment is the stay balanced, focused, and in control of the conversation.  How do you stay in control… by asking questions!

I recently visited a few communities to see how the leasing consultants would “investigate” my needs for a new apartment.  What I found was alarming.  Besides “how much can you afford” to “if you’re single why do you need a 2 bedroom” I was annoyed at the lack of quality investigators these communities had on staff.  Fellow leasing professionals, let’s do better.   It’s about changing your vocabulary and approach to your investigation techniques.

  1. What brought you in today? (how did you hear about us)
  2. When do you plan to move in with us?
  3. Do you prefer a one or two bedroom home?
  4. Do you prefer your new home to be on the upper floor… have a view… in-unit  washer dryer or hookups… view of the pool… etc.
  5. What’s your favorite thing about apartment living?
  6. Will your new home be for yourself or will others be residing with you?
  7. We don’t require them to sign the lease but we like to get to know our community pets.  Will you be bringing pets with you?  (gets you into size/breed qualifying)
  8. What’s your budget range for a new apartment home?
  9. Why would you look anywhere else…?  you can only find ME here at ___________ apartment homes!
  10. How would you like to handle the deposit:  check or money order?







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