Your Career in Property Management vs. Property Leasing

A career in property management or leasing can be very rewarding, but each requires a variety of different skills.  Choosing which direction you want to pursue might best be determined by having an understanding of what your day-to-day duties look like.  

Property Management

A property manager is responsible for the overall operations of a property and is very much like running a business. All the tasks a property manager executes from day to day is to ensure the property generates revenue.

That of course means some of the duties involved requires advertising and marketing so that you attract qualifying residents. In addition to generating interest among potential renters, a property manager also negotiates leases, collects rents and security deposits.

Naturally, it’s imperative to have an ability to communicate with different people from day to day and many of those in property management have had some experience in sales or retail.

It’s equally important for someone considering a career in property management to be detail oriented and self-manageable. This role also requires thorough record keeping that will rely on an individuals ability to be highly organized, as well as stay on top of maintenance ambitiously through tight scheduling.

Property Leasing

Although a property manager must posses a particular level of people skills, much of their job is administrative.  A leasing agent is responsible for developing an instant connection with potential renters.  The leasing agent is the face of a property and typically earns a commission when finding suitable residents.

Acquiring a new renter isn’t always as easy as it might sound.  Leasing agents must always be a good judge of character.  Residents will need to be those who of course pay their rent on time, not cause a disturbance and potentially extend the term of their lease.

A good leasing agent must also know a lot about the property they’re renting.  Renters will be wanting to know about the utility costs, pet policies, amenities, parking and benefits of a particular units location within the community–especially when few units are available.  Furthermore, having a good understanding of the neighborhood can really boost a leasing agents performance.  Knowing good places to eat, how to access the freeway or if they have kids what the reputation of local schools are.

Property Staffing Associates is here to assist you in identifying your personal interest and skills if you need assistance in deciding which of these two roles best suits your personality and experience.  For a free evaluation, simply give us a call and let us know you’re interested in which position is best for you, then apply online.

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